The Ardeche Verte is an amazing part of France for walking, whether you are looking for long hikes or shorter circular walks. Although we may not have the rugged or spectacular scenery of more remote areas (e.g. Vercors, Auvergne, Provence, Cevennes), what we have instead is a beautiful variety of contrasting landscapes, encompassing hillside woodland, highland forrest, river valleys and gorges, mixed farmland and pretty rustic villages.  As well as an abundance of criss-crossing Grand Randonnees (red and white), there are many other market paths (yellow and white) that can be combined in multiple ways to create different lengths of circular walks.  In addition I have been discovering and mapping many useful unmarked woodland pathways that create useful links.  Word of warning – the area is predominantly hilly and all walks involve ups and downs, so don’t expect to find many flat walks!  Also for the best walks I recommend wearing stout walking boots and taking a stick (which I can supply)!.

As well as various guidebooks, there are some useful overview maps for those that like to see the bigger picture, including the Ardeche Verte (1500 km’s of paths) and the Doux Valley (750 kms).

On this page I am posting a selection of walks (descriptions below with .gpx’s on a link) to suit a variety of requirements and levels of ability.

To get an overview, you can download my guide to walks and other things to do locally here:ChatChavPlacesToGo040410

And this pdf (12MB) includes six local maps with instructions: ChatChavWalks250616lite

Gpx tracks

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To download gpx tracks for local walks go to:

To download .gpx tracks for Doux Valley walks go to:

It is very easy to use gps on your phone to follow a track or at least find out where you are when you get lost!

The GPS app uses location services, so you can see where you are relative to a track even without the map in the background (if you are not able to get a data signal) . Better (and free) still to cache the map onto your phone before you set off, when using wifi.

On this page I am posting a selection of local walks around and about Chateau Chavagnac, as well as longer walks in the Doux Valley (all with gpx’s to download) .  By using GPS (even in conjunction with a printed map) you are less dependent on only following marked paths and you can follow some of the more interesting circular walks I have created.

Happy walking


Selection of local walks around and about Chateau Chavagnac

To download gpx tracks for local walks go to:

Beauze basic 2016.GPX

4.1 km             177m

Starting point is nearby (on the GR42 on way to Etables).  Uneven path down to stream and then an easy circular path through woods and back past Moulin.  For a shorter version, drive to the Moulin to start and end the circular path from there.

Chavagnac (basic) 2016.GPX

1.7 km             50m

One of many walks through our grounds that takes in the vineyards and comes back past the horses. Depending upon time of year, might be tricky sections with long grass, weeds and streams, so wear good shoes.

Chevre-Tuiliere (circular off-piste) 2016.GPX

10.7 km           511m

Long circular starting and ending at Château Chavagnac across varied terrain, taking in woods, valleys and country roads.  Involves some off-piste sections which can be tricky, so speak to Aubyn before setting off.

Gorges du Doux (2016).GPX

2.9 km             208m

Starting near ‘the caravans’, this figure of 8 track provides an interesting walk down to the river beach, involving some rugged off-piste sections.  For the adventurous.

Gorges du Doux (path to river) 2016.GPX

3.3 km             239m

The most straightforward and direct path down to the river beach, starting at the top of of the road above Colombon.  Needs stout shoes and involves quite a steep walk back up the hill.

Lemps-Vion Circular 2016.gpx

12.6 km           716m

Varied walk with views over river Rhone, mainly through hillside woodland, also takes you through vineyards and along some country roads (so dogs will need a lead).  Take detours into ruins of Chateau Iserand and the Bois des Navettes.

Morens (incl St Sorny) 2016.GPX

5.0 km             259m

Following the marked path down to and back from the Daronne, this figure of 8 track also includes a narrow path alongside the river and back via Saint Sorny (ancient chapel and monastery). Taking a right turn off this path about 200m before the river, brings you down to a secluded bathing pool created by an old barrage.  Great place for picnics.

Morens (long) 2016.GPX

9.4 km             573m

A longer walks starting at Morens with some fantastic views.  Some stretches off-piste and some along country roads.  Follows foot bridge over the Daronne and takes in Saint Sorny.

Morens (off-piste) 2016.GPX

5.1 km             326m

A shorter walk starting at Morens, off-piste stretch that crosses stream twice and is not always passable after heavy rainfall.

Moulin 2016.GPX

8.6 km             447m

A circular walk starting at the Moulin, some great views and much variety.  Some parts are on country lanes.

Navas 2016.GPX

9.4 km             415m

A different starting point than Pouyol that climbs along woodland paths and circles the Chantelermuse hill.

Navettes 2016.GPX

5.0 km             217m

Off-piste woodland path reaches a remote white cross before cutting back along narrow paths with views over the Rhone. Emerges in vineyard with view of Vion church before long climb back up the hill.

Pouyol 2016 (summit).GPX

4.3 km             275m

Similar to Pouyol below, this shorter version exchanges great views for a more direct path to the summit of Chantelermuse.

Pouyol 2016.GPX

5.4 km             329m

Starting at Pouyol this track climbs along woodland paths and circles the Chantelermuse hill.  Some great views back towards Château Chavagnac.

Saint Sorny (pool and rock path) 2016.GPX

2.9 km             114m

An alternative path to the old barrage and secluded bathing pool near Saint Sorny, which is great for picnics.  Although short and flat, this is a tricky path to follow and involves some negotiation of rocks and boulders.  Only for the most agile with walking shoes or trainers.

St Felicien 2016.GPX

11.6 km           502m

High forest path with great views and some amazing beech woods.  Ask Aubyn for shorter and longer variations in the same hills.

Terres Grasses (short cut) 2016.GPX

3.8 km             231m

As below with short cut along narrow woodland path that avoids going all the way down to the river.

Terres Grasses 2016.GPX

5.7 km             318m

Nearby walk with great views of the Doux Valley along marked paths.  Takes you down to the Grand Pont, short stretch along the D532 before climbing back up. Follow the GR42 along Lubac back road to the starting point.

Tuiliere 2016.GPX

5.2 km             318m

Starts with stretch along lane, before reaching great view of Tournon through vineyards.  Steep track plunges through woods, followed by more steady climb back up alongside river valley, with a view at the top.  Great woodland paths offer shelter on a hot day.

Walks for website all 2016.GPX

All the above tracks on one GPX

Longer walks in the Doux Valley

To download .gpx tracks for Doux Valley walks go to:

Arras.GPX                              11.9 km

Bozas.GPX                             11.8 km

Colombier-Le-Jeune.GPX      17.0 km

Cuves du Duzon.GPX            9.4 km

Desaignes.GPX                      21.1 km

Deyras.GPX                           8.8 km

Eclassen.GPX                         7.3 km

Empurany.GPX                      26.8 km

Etables.GPX                           5.1 km

Gilhoc.GPX                            21.5 km

Juvenet.GPX                           12.0 km

La Chapelle.GPX                    41.4 km

Labatie.GPX                           8.7 km

Lalouvesc.GPX                       11.2 km

Lamastre.GPX                        18.1 km

Le Crestet.GPX                       11.2 km

Montbard.GPX                       7.4 km

Nozieres.GPX                         16.7 km

Pailhares.GPX                        24.4 km

Preaux.GPX                            9.4 km

Satillieu.GPX                          18.8 km

Saint Alban d’Ay.GPX           18.1 km

St Agreve.GPX                       15.5 km

St Felicien.GPX                      14.8 km

St Romain D’Ay.GPX            3.3 km

St Sylvestre.GPX                    8.6 km

Tournon via GR42.GPX         27.4 km

Vaudevant.GPX                      14.7 km

Vallee du Doux Walks (for all maps).GPX

Chateau Chavagnac - local walks


Download local walks map: ChatChavLocalWalksMap2016

Doux Valley - longer walks


Download Doux Valley walks map: DouxValleyWalks2016